About Me

I first came across yoga a number of years ago, it was included in my membership at my local gym.  As it was free, I thought I might as well give it a go.   I did have that thought I wasn’t flexible enough and I might look totally out of place.  Anyway, I went along and had a go.  I was really pleasantly surprised, my teacher was so lovely – it didn’t matter that I couldn’t touch my toes!  My teacher showed me modifications so that I could still have the benefits of the pose within the limitations of my body.  I enjoyed it so much that I just kept going back for more.

After a while, I was also finding I was become more settled within myself – I was less stressed.  I realised that the ‘magic’ of yoga was having an effect on not only my physical wellbeing, but also my mental wellbeing.  It was allowing me to connect with my body and mind, and to switch off from the stresses of everyday life. Now I (and my friends and family) can really tell if I’m not practicing!

This had such a positive impact on me that I wanted to share this magic with others.  I trained to become a yoga teacher which was such a fulfilling experience.  I then started teaching Yin Yoga.  Yin Yoga is a restorative practice that is floor based and focusses on stressing your connective tissues but also allows you to switch off from the demands of everyday life.  It is a very meditative practice and I guide my students to help them tame their monkey mind and just slow down. 

I also teach Hatha yoga.  My Hatha classes are such great fun to teach and I get such a buzz from my students’ feedback.  I have students of all levels, shapes, sizes and ages.  I truly believe that yoga is for everyone, my classes are slow but powerful.  I really focus on working with the breath and feeling the poses within the bodies.

I have trained with Anne Malone, www.oasisofsound.com, to share the beautiful experience of Sound Bathing.  This is a truly relaxing experience and a wonderful compliment to my Yin classes.

If you have ever fancied trying yoga but have had those negative ‘I’m not flexible enough’ thoughts, then put them aside and just come and give it a go – you may surprise yourself.  There is no judgement in my classes, we are a really friendly group.

Yoga can help everyone so much, especially in these difficult times we now find ourselves in.  My Hatha classes classes are delivered both in person and live via zoom.  My Yin Yoga classes are live via zoom on a Friday evening to help you switch off from the week and get ready for the weekend.  To find out more see my yoga offerings


I always strive to expand my knowledge about yoga so that I can share this with my students.  Here is the training I have completed to date:

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