Yoga is the Practice of
Quietening Your Mind

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Hi there, thank you for popping by.  Im Sarah and I live in Winchester, Hampshire.  I have been practicing yoga for a number of years and teaching since 2018.  Yoga to me is a way that I can connect with my body and my mind.  To take my gaze inwards.  When I first started practicing it was just a different way of moving my body, however, over time I found that yoga was so much more than the poses themselves.  It has allowed me to understand the limitations of my body and to embrace them, not be frustrated with them.  It also has this magic that I wasn’t expecting, I became calmer and my usual anxiety seemed to ease.

What to expect when you come to my classes

My style of yoga is slow but powerful, I really encourage my students to focus on working with their breath and their own bodys abilities. There are many different options within yoga that can help everyone enjoy the practice of yoga, and I really encourage my students to find their limits and to play with their edges. I have a light hearted and open approach to teaching. When you come to one of my classes you will feel a sense of community and no judgement. If you are curious about yoga and have never been to a class or have practiced the stronger style of yoga in the past but would like to take it down a step or two then my classes would be a wonderful fit for you.

The Yoga Styles I Teach

Hatha Yoga

When you come to one of my Hatha classes you can expect to start with some breath work. I always like to help students to bring themselves into the present moment and not worry about the past or think about the future. We then start off slow, warming up our bodys ready for the practice. We then gradually build up the heat within our bodies moving through various different poses, playing with our abilities and learning how to make the poses our own. It is so important to understand that yoga is not what the poses look like, but what they feel like within your body. Every person is made differently, we are all unique and have had our own journeys through life. We then slow down our practice and finish with Savasana which allows us time to scan our bodies

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is quite different from a lot of yoga you may have read about.  It is completely floor based and uses lots of props like bolsters, blankets and blocks.  If you are practicing from your home there are many opportunities for you to be creative!  You can use pillows or cushions instead of bolsters, thick books with blankets over them for blocks, the list is endless. 

Yin works on your connective tissues, it stresses them and over time they may become stronger and longer.  When you come to a class it will normally start with some breath work to help you switch off from your day and bring you into the present moment.  We then go into a pose, supported by props if required, and once we are comfortable and have found our ‘edge’ we stay there.  Poses can be held for up to five minutes.  From the outside it looks an easy practice, however it is quite challenging.  If you are someone that is always on the go, you may find it difficult to settle and be still for a time. However, this is probably a practice that you need!  I guide you throughout the practice and over time we learn to tame our constant thoughts and take our gaze inwards.  It is an extremely meditative practice, it has definitely helped me to learn to switch off both on and off the mat.


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