Yoga Nidra

I love Yoga Nidra!  It is a wonderful practice where you need to do nothing, except relax.  You can lie down on the floor with a blanket covering you and a pillow under your head, you may also like to cover your eyes to help you go truly inward.  Alternatively, you may like to practice it seated either on the floor or in a chair – the choice is yours!  Whichever position you choose you need to ensure that you are comfortable and able to stay completely still.

Yoga Nidra is often referred to as Yogic sleep, however, you are not actually asleep but in between the state of being awake and in a deep sleep, you are basically slowing down your brain waves.  It is a guided practice where you are taken through several stages of Yoga Nidra into a deep state of relaxation.  

You may have practiced elements of Yoga Nidra in a yoga class, for example, breathing techniques or visualisations. The full Yoga Nidra experience encompasses these along with other elements, but in a more structured way to help you to gradually work into a deep state of relaxation. 

This is a truly lovely experience.  Keep an eye out on my schedule for when I will next be holding a Yoga Nidra session.

Personalised Yoga Nidra Experience

In addition to offering Yoga Nidra group practices, I also offer a personal consultation experience if you would like a Yoga Nidra written specifically for you.  This is a wonderful experience if you are struggling to sleep, have a busy schedule coming up and need something to help you to switch off. 

The consultation consists of:

Initial Consultation (approx 1 hour)

• To understand what you would like from the practice, it may be to switch off or to help you sleep for example. We also discuss:

• The structure of a Yoga Nidra and a little bit more about it

• What a sankalpa is and how to identify one personal to you.

• What you would like in a visualisation, where is your happy place? Dependent on what type of visualisation you would like I may put together a ‘mood board’ so that you can look at it whenever you like to remind you of your happy place.

First Session (approx 1 hour)

• You experience your first personalised Yoga Nidra. After which we have a chat to see if there was anything you would like changed/added/taken away.

Second Session (approx 1 hour)

• You experience your second personalised Yoga Nidra with the changes we discussed after your first one. Then we have another chat to see if there are any further tweaks to refine your personalised Yoga Nidra.

Third Session (approx 1 hour)

• You experience your final personalised Yoga Nidra. You are able to record this session or I can send you a YouTube link which would be only accessible by you. It is then yours to keep forever and play whenever you wish.

This is such a wonderful experience, to have something tailored especially for you.

The cost for the complete personalised 121 experience detailed above, including handouts and recording is £80.

Please contact me at if you would like a personalised Yoga Nidra.