Sound Bathing

Next Sound Bath - Thursday 31st March 2022

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“A sound bath is a gentle, yet powerful, experience for the mind and body”. 

I have been fortunate enough to train with Anne Malone,, and love sharing the magic of Sound Bathing.

An ‘Oasis of Sound’ bath uses a variety of instruments including; Chinese Wind Gong, Bodhran Drum, Rainstick and Koshi Chimes.  It also uses a Tibetan Singing Bowl which is placed on the body (a wonderful experience!).  The aim is to invite deep rest and relaxation, and explore self-inquiry. 

The “bath” part has nothing to do with tubs or water.  Instead, you are submersed in sound.  A Sound Bath is a meditative experience and aims to mentally and physically relax you.  All you need to do is lay down with your eyes closed and allow the beautiful sounds to help you switch off and reach a state of awareness.  A truly relaxing experience.

The Oasis of Sound bath takes place in a small intimate location in Winchester, Hampshire.

Im excited to announce the next event will be on 31st March 2022, please see the events tab for more details

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