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Not moving as much as you used to?
Want to do some exercise but not sure where to start?
Find getting up and down from the floor challenging?

This class is just what you have been waiting for!!

What is Chair Yoga?

I thoroughly enjoy teaching Chair yoga as it is a fun, gently energising class for everyone.  

As we get older, our joints get stiffer, we may get a bit wobbly on our feet and just think that there is nothing we can do about it.  However, we can do something – wake up our body by moving it!   Chair yoga is a wonderful way to do this whilst also having some fun.  

Using a combination of sitting on the chair and using the chair for support while standing and balancing, makes the practice safe and accessible.   You can practice at your pace, there are many options provided and it can be as easy or challenging as you wish.  Over time a regular practice can help you to:

  • Build Strength
  • Improve balance
  • Boost circulation
  • Increase flexibility and mobility
  • Reduce stress

Everyone can benefit from yoga whether it is practiced on the mat or the chair.  Why not come and give it a go, you may be pleasantly surprised.

What do you need to bring/wear?

What to Wear

When you come to a chair yoga class I suggest you wear something comfortable.  You don’t need to wear leggings or fancy yoga gear (although you are welcome to!).  Jogging bottoms or elasticated waist trousers are fine – you just don’t want something to be digging into you when you are moving around on the chair or standing up.

What to bring

A yoga mat –   This is so that we can place the chair on the mat to prevent it from slipping.  You can purchase yoga mats cheaply from any sports shop, Tescos, Sainsburys, Argos, TK Max or Amazon.  Any yoga mat will do, send me an email if you need any help.  

Bottle of water – it is important to keep hydrated, we rarely drink as much as we should.  When we are exercising it is really important to keep hydrated.

Chairs are provided!  I don’t expect you to bring one with you.  I also provide straps and any other equipment that we may use such as blocks or balls.

Hear what my students say...

Where is the Class and how much is it?

The classes are held every Monday morning at the Holy Trinity Church.  It would be wonderful if you would like to join us, just email me or give me a ring on 07342 318330.

Class Details

Every Monday

10.30 – 11.30 am

£8 Per Class

Please email, text or call me if you would like to join us!


Holy Trinity Church

Upper Brook Street, Winchester
Hants SO23 8DG

I look forward to seeing you on the chair soon!

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