Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions I am often asked. If you have any other questions then please contact me


Yes. All classes need to be prepaid and prebooked. I use a system called BookyWay which is a free app for booking classes.

Prior to your first class you will need to complete a health declaration form.  Upon receipt of this form I will then set you up an account on Bookyway.  You will then receive instructions on how to install and use it.

Payment is made by direct bank transfer, I will send you details once I have received your registration form.  

Once payment has been received I will allocate you credits on the BookyWay system.  1 credit is equivalent to £1.  Once you have credits you can book your class/course on BookWay.  Every class/course has the required credits shown.  You can also see at anytime how many credits you have left.

Zoom Classes

Yes, before attending your first zoom class you need to complete a Health Declaration Form.  

You need to have a computer, tablet or phone with internet connection to access a zoom class.

If you have booked onto the class you will receive an email about an hour prior to the class start time.  This will contain a link to the class which you select.  The link will then open Zoom and you will be taken to a waiting room.  I will then let you into the class.  For the first class I recommend joining early just to make sure that everything is working ok.

You can, however, although it is completly optional,  I encourage students to join about 15 minutes before the class starts.  This allows us some time for a general chat and to get to know each other.  I have found that this really creates a community and is a great opportunity to meet other people.  

It is preferable that you have your video on so that I can see you.  Other students cant see you after our beginning chat as I spotlight myself so that you can only see me.   It is helpful if your device is a little bit away from you so that I can see as much of you as possible.

In Person Classes

Yes, before attending your first In Person class you need to complete a Health Declaration and COVID Safety Form

Normal excercise clothing is fine.  Whatever you are comfortable in.

The location where I teach is a COVID Secure venue.  The mats are placed 2m apart and there is plenty of space.  Prior to attending all students need to have read and signed the COVID Secure questionnaire that details the steps that have been put in place that everyone needs to follow to ensure both your safety and everyone else’s.

Yes there is plenty of free parking

You need to bring a yoga mat and any props you would like to use such as blocks and/or a blanket.  All items you bring with you need to have been cleaned prior to arriving.

Please arrive for class in your yoga clothes and only bring essential personal items.

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